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03 September 2013

Weekend at FELCRA Rumpun Makmur


Last weekend while others went to Malaysia Independence Day parade, I'm just sitting on my plastic chair in my room finishing some works. While I'm doing my work, Acad had asked me to go with him to his hometown at FELCRA Rumpun Makmur. So, after I have finished all of my works, I've followed him, his wife and Aidid, his little boy to his hometown. 

At first, I thought we just go there to relax in his hometown. Besides, the village is really peaceful and such a perfect escape from this hassle city life in Kuala Lumpur. Thus, I just brought two piece of T-shirt and a trousers. 

The journey to the village from KL took about 3 hours travelling at a normal speed. Even though the  travelling was tiring but I really excited to reach there! The picture of serenity of the village which is in the FELCRA cluster really made up my mood. When we reached there, we still didn't have any specific plan to spend our weekend there until that night. Deen, Acad's cousin had gave an idea to go to a swamp over there to cast some snakehead catfish. So, that night the three of us have went to nearby mosque for a mission to search small frogs as baits. Actually, only both of them search and catch the frogs while I'm just carried torchlight because I'm quite afraid of frog! (Lol)

After we have catch the baits, Acad asked me to go with them to their old village. The village is situated on the nearby Pahang river bank to search for some Durian Daun. What we've got were...

This type of Durians really are delicious. Their creamy, sweet and fragrant are really tempting.

The morning after that we have woke up early to go to the said swamp. To reach the swamp, we have went through an oil palm and sap field. The road gave us a bit of challenges because there is only red dirt road and it really slippery. 


So, above pictures showing what we have catch during our casting that day. Alhamdulillah, not much but enough as our meal and most importantly the resistance of the fishes when we landed them.

Our activities there are not limit only by fishing because after fishing and lunch, we've went to the same old village to pick up some langsats and rambutans. Acad's and me were the people that have climbed the langsat's tree after Deen was exhausted. My legs were trembled after only fifteen minutes been on the tree! Now I know what it feels like when you are climbing after maybe five or six year you haven't climbed any! 


However, the energy consuming activity was really worth it when you saw lots of fruits on the tree. The picture above is only 5% I think of what still have on the tree. Around 5 o'clock that afternoon, we've began our travelling back to KL. 

I'm really glad to be born in Malaysia that even in this 2013, we still have a place like FELCRA Rumpun Makmur. A peaceful and serene place with full of simplicity and nature's beauty that still intact. I guess that's all for this entry. Until we meet again in my next entry. Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian. Together we'll make Malaysia a better place to leave. 

kA: thanks to Acad and family for always making me feel that I'm part of the family. To my readers, I'm really sorry for my bad grammar. Do comment for me to improve. It was quite a long time since my last English blog and thanks for reading. Assalamu'alaikum.

4 ulasan:

  1. ok la ni =) ambe grammar pn ntah ke mana he3, acad 2 kawan ke?? 2 mcm ikan haruan je..bukan keli kn?? unik betol ye durian daun 2..ambe igtkn rambutan dah td..bestkn duk kg..tenang je =) mcm2 aktiviti..ape beza felcra dgn felda..

    1. Haah brother. Itu snakehead. Acad kawan, tapi dah rapat sangat dah saya dengan family dia. I think FELCRA kalau tak silap adalah Lembaga Penyatuan Dan Pemulihan Tanah kalau tak silap. Sebab kat FELCRA saya tengok aktiviti ekonomi tak tertumpu ke satu jenis saja. Kot. Huu. But Durian tu memang sedap!

  2. Seronok betul dapat ambik buah-buahan fresh dari dusun. Tengok dari buah-buah yang cantik-cantik tu, rasanya dusun tu dijaga dengan elok. FELCRA ni, jika diuruskan dengan betul memang dapat membantu ekonomi orang Melayu.

    1. Alhamdulillah.. Berkat tenaga jati orang lama bang. Semua buah organik,dibiarkan tumbuh secara semulajadi tanpa sebarang bahan kimia asing. Termasuk lah ikan, tidak diberi makanan tambahan sintetik. :)


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